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You don't have to because I barely have deviations up.


:iconwtfboomplz:Look at this art. LOOK AT IT!!:iconnowkissplz:Enjoy it!
I love faving art. :iconmariodanceplz: So many better artist than me. :iconsobcryplz::iconcraiplz::iconotlplz::iconorzplz:


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:icondeyedplz:I have no use for the points, I just give it to others.
:iconawedanceplz:I like collecting, but I also like sharing~ SHARING IS CARING!

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Lame (Pronounced Lah-meh)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
MY BIRTHDAY IS SEPTEMBER 7, NOT JUNE 7!! (I made a mistake, now it's permanent)
Hello whoever it may be on my lonely page. But hey, I'm not lonely since you're here! :icondesueyeplz:^:icondesueyeplz: Okay, that's creepy. :iconwthewwplz:
:iconpedobearplz:OH well since you're here, might as well tell you about me.
I define myself as lonely and insane. :iconforeveraloneplz:
I am very pessimistic, but somehow also optimistic in a pessimistic way.:iconepicsadfaceplz:
That doesn't make sense... OH well, I guess I have multiple personality disorder :iconur2slowunleashedplz:
:iconwh-plz:I love to draw, yet I am lacking in many fields of art, like anatomy and mediums, I can't use paint that well, or markers.
:iconpikamanplz:I can be very hyper at times, or very depressed some other times.:iconlinkseesplz:
I love anime, except shoujo, cliche romance, yuri, and shoujo ai. :iconangrydededeplz:
:iconbrokissplz:Sorry, I'm a yaoi fan (BE VERY AFRAID!!), so straight romance just doesn't do it for me anymore...:iconliedownplz::iconbrohugplz::iconhnnghnosebleedplz:
I want to be an artist of any kind when I grow up because I want to create something with these hands of mine.:iconmahboiplz:
I try too hard to entertain people, but I feel it's the only way people will be with me..:iconemoluigiplz:
I want to be an artist, but I can't, because my parents say I have no future as an artist.:iconnoooooplz:
I doodle instead of homework and I'm on the internet instead of drawing.:icondestroyplz:
I feel I have no real friends, I am antisocial most of the time. :iconohmygodwhyplz:
I guess I'm not enjoyable to be around.
I have a lot of anime I enjoy, but I won't list them, too long. :iconimdeadplz:
I do draw fanart, but my page won't be just fanart, it will involve original characters too.
So don't just watch me if you expect fanart of your favorite characters all the time, because I won't draw them all the time.:iconmanfaceplz: Because there are a bunch of characters I love.
I have different styles, it always depends on my mood.:iconwatexcitedplz::icontatataplz:
Well maybe not styles, more like way of drawing.:iconlinkportraitplz:
I am not a person who takes criticism well, that's mostly because people just criticize, but don't exactly help me with the issue.:iconlinkrageplz:
I am very sensitive emotionally and physically:icondeyedplz:
Poke me, I bruise: insult me, I cry.:iconcryforeverplz:
I love every color. :iconrainbowsheepplz:
I have no favorite anything. :iconiluplz:
I like equality. :iconyaayplz:
I do average in school, well half my classes are advanced, but I do get average grades in those classes.:iconoooohplz:
I'm not normal though, normal is boring, and if you see what goes on in my mind, you will question your own sanity, or not. :iconidkplz:

I hope we can be friends! Well that's all folks! :iconcutemonkeyplz:
Gaiz I made a tumblr!
Blame :iconorganizationsandwich:, they've sucked me into the void.
Anyway...about the name...Let's forget about the name....:icontrolololplz:
(I came up with it on the spot, but I thoroughly enjoy it~)

Update on Life:
I'm obsessed with Attack on Titan now.
I have a sh*t-ton of tests this week.
My dad is still stocking me up on watermelon.
I don't know how to English.
I made a new dance called "Making a Pottery."
I realized I'm very bad at metaphors. ("He is as straight as a pickle....")
Singing isn't allowed in an Art class.
Tuesday and Wednesday will now be referred to as "Tootsday" and "Windsday."
Invisible chairs are allowed in the classroom, as long as you stay seated in it.
I now have to make a catapult out of garbage.
And that's about it~
BAI!:iconomgcryplz:<<<I love that
  • Listening to: Do what U want by Lady Gaga
  • Reading: Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
  • Watching: Abridge on Titan
  • Playing: Attack on Titan Tribute Game
  • Eating: Watermelon (Haha Ikr?)
  • Drinking: Watermelon Juice


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I totally forgot this was my account too
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Whoa my gosh this is late I'm so sorry

nothin' much dawg
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lol its ok
anyway thats cool; what have you been up to?
BreakingBonds Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Schooling and procrastinating. I'm also learning to be an animator!
Anything new with you?
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Hello dear! thanks alot for the watch Emoji13 
I'm glad that you like the things that I do.
Have a nice day!

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BreakingBonds Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, you're welcome! those snk gifs just drew me in. I hope you have a wonderful day too~
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hey bby whatchya been up to :iconsexychewplz:
BreakingBonds Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh you know, studying for finals, tumbling, and eating til I get diabetic. What about chu?
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